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Verm-X ​​Worm herb chunks

Verm-X ​​Worm herb chunks

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Verm-X ​​Worm herb chunks for horses, herbal preparation for the care and optimal condition of the intestines.

Treatment of 5 consecutive days. Repeat this every 12 weeks.

The tasty chunks can be added to the food or given from the hand as a reward.
Ponies with a height of less than 1.15m need half a dose.

When using Verm-X ​​for the first time, or as needed, a double dose can be safely given for 5 consecutive days.

Ingredients: Micronized wheat, Allium sativum (garlic), Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon), Thymus vulgaris (thyme), lucerne flour, Menta piperita (peppermint), Galium aparine (cleaver), Foeniculum vulgare (fennel), Urtica dioica (nettle), soy, micronized sugar beet pulp, Ulmus fulva (slippery elm), Picrasma excelsa (bitterwood), molasses, Inula helenium (alant greek), dicalcium phosphate, sunflower/oat oil, seaweed, calcium sulphate, salt, Pimpinella anisum (anise), antioxidant (vitamin C) .
Nutritional value: R. Protein: 13.6%, R. Fat: 3.5%, R. Cellulose: 13.5%, R. Ash: 7.25%, Calcium: 0.9%, Phosphorus: 0.66%, Salt: 0.6%, DM: 90%.

Verm-X ​​is a complementary feed for horses, ponies and donkeys.

Verm-X ​​is not a drug. It is a herbal preparation for the care and optimal condition of the intestines.
If in doubt, consult a veterinarian.
Various factors can influence the effectiveness of natural products.
Protect your horse from worms through good pasture management.

NB If you want to perform a worm casting, it is best to do this 21 days after the last day of treatment. Verm-X ​​is not a medicine, but various studies show that worm egg excretion is lower after using Verm-X.
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