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Unique-horn Hoof Care Silver Hoof Liquid 250ml

Unique-horn Hoof Care Silver Hoof Liquid 250ml

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Product description

Silver Hoof Liquid
Support solid beam & good white line
For horses, ponies and donkeys

External care product

Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid has been specially developed to support the treatment of an unhealthy radius and problems in the white line of the horse's hoof. Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid can also be used to support good hoof health.

Shake well before use.
Clean and dry the hoof thoroughly. Then apply a small amount of Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid to the bottom of the hoof and rub it in well with a brush. Repeat daily in case of serious problems.

In case of a deep radius infection of the middle radial groove: soak cotton wool or sterile gauze in Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid and push it deep into the middle radial groove. Refresh daily.

When using Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid for hoof maintenance, it is sufficient to apply the liquid to the clean, dry hoof twice a week.

Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid is ideal for use in combination with the Unique-horn Natural Clay.

Demineralized water, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, polysorbate, colloidal silver, propolis tincture, a unique composition of three essential oils.

Keep out of reach of children. Store the closed bottle in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.

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