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Unique-Horn Hoof Spray 500ml

Unique-Horn Hoof Spray 500ml

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HC7 is composed of natural and caring ingredients according to the proven Unique-horn recipe. With Unique-horn HC7 you can support the daily care of the hooves of your horse, pony or donkey in a very simple way.

Dirt, bacteria and fungi from manure, urine and, for example, muddy housing increase the risk of thrush and fungal infections developing. The deep cleansing effect of HC7 helps to effectively protect the hoof on a daily basis.

Usage: Shake well before use. Scratch the hooves and brush them clean. Spray HC7 generously on the underside of the hoof and let it take effect for a while. Repeat this every day for healthy hoof hygiene. Applying HC7 daily can be easily combined with our other hoof care products. Especially when there are already serious hoof problems such as thrush, we recommend combining HC7 with one or more other Unique-horn Hoof Care products for a targeted approach.


Demineralized water, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, emulsifier, colloidal silver, propolis tincture, a unique composition of three essential oils, natural coloring agent


Keep out of reach of children. Store the closed bottle in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.

External care product for horses, ponies and donkeys

500ml spray bottle and 2.5 liter refill pack

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