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TurboStar ribbon 40 mm (200 meters)

TurboStar ribbon 40 mm (200 meters)

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  • The lowest resistance band available
  • Very sturdy and breathable, prevents regular straining
  • Ideal for long fences
  • Available in green, terra and white


  • The use of tape is not recommended on open areas with a lot of wind due to fluttering, wear and tear and slackening.
Product information "TurboStar ribbon 40 mm Super (green, 200 meters)"
Very sturdy TurboStar tape intended for permanent horse fencing longer than 500 meters. Extra strong due to sturdy, conductive lace thread in the edges and perfectly visible! 10 thick stainless steel wires of 0.20mm and 4 alloy wires of 0.30mm provide 40x better conductivity than the standard 40mm ribbon. You have a guaranteed electricity supply from the beginning to the end of the fence.
The UV warranty on the TurboStar ribbon 40 mm Super is 7 years.
  • Width/Diameter mm: 40
  • Number of stainless steel guides: 10
  • Number of tinned copper wires: 4
  • Resistance ohm/meter: 0.04
  • Tensile strength kg: 520
  • Recommended grid length: less than 500m

What is the difference between PowerLine and TurboLine?
The TurboLine conductors have a mix of stainless steel and copper wires for an effective balance between maximum conductivity and a long service life. The conduction is 40x better than that of a standard conductor. They can be recognized by the TurboLine logo. The PowerLine conductors have mixed metal wires. This gives the guide better conduction, which extends its lifespan and increases the safety of your animals.

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