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Scratch n All Pad

Scratch n All Pad

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Product description

ScratchnAll: safe sanding for animals
Scratch n All sanding pads are specially designed to offer your horse, farm animal and pet a safe place to sand: anytime your animal feels like it.

Every animal gets itchy sometimes. There does not necessarily have to be a medical reason for the jitters, but they can irritate your animal considerably. ScrathnAll offers your horse, farm animal and pet a super safe way to relieve itching yourself.

ScratchnAll is a sanding pad with 212 sturdy, flexible points that you can easily attach to, for example, a stable wall, doorway, tree trunk or post. The unique shape allows the sanding pad to be mounted on a corner. In addition, the pads fit perfectly against each other due to their wavy edges. This way you can easily create a larger sanding surface, completely tailor-made for your (pet) animal.

ScratchnAll sanding pads
Each sanding pad is 6 inches long, 5 inches wide and 1 inch thick. The pads are made of an elastomer: a strong, flexible, rubber-like plastic. These sturdy, durable sanding pads can be mounted on corners and fit together like puzzle pieces. Stainless steel screws are supplied as standard with each pad.

You have probably noticed that animals spend a large part of the day grooming their fur by rubbing against all kinds of surfaces. For example, your horse likes to rub against the doorway of the stable or against a post or tree trunk. Your dog or cat loves rubbing against window frames and furniture and your hobby pig has undoubtedly discovered a favorite sanding spot.

All that scratching and sanding can cause your favorite edge or post to show wear and tear. In the worst case, splinters are created that create sharp edges. For example, your animal will sustain injuries during sanding. That can be done differently!

ScratchnAll meets all safety requirements. Your horse, farm animal or pet can safely rub against the Scratch n All pads. The skin, face and eyes are not injured and the itching disappears. The small nubs on the sanding pads are very sturdy, yet flexible. This provides exactly the right force during sanding. Your animal rubs with a satisfied feeling, the skin is not damaged and many important acupressure points can be hit.

In your horse's stable
Is your horse on box rest? Horses that are alone in a box for large parts of the day miss scratching each other with a friend. This can even make them depressed. Scratch n All sanding pads in the box can help your horse to provide itself with the necessary coat care by sanding. Scratch n All pads do not, of course, replace contact with other horses, but can simulate mutual care in the herd to a certain extent.

What makes the Scrach n All sanding pads so unique?
Unlike other products, Scratch n All pads are not made of hard, rigid plastic that can lead to bald spots in the coat. The sturdy, but flexible properties of the Scratch n All sanding pad ensure that your pet does not injure itself while sanding. In addition, the distance between the flexible studs is exactly the right one and the points are not too long. This keeps eyes and ears safe during sanding.

Scratch n All sanding pads: a world of possibilities
Do you already know the favorite barn spots of your horse, pet or farm animal? Attach the Scratch n All pads in those places and your pet will immediately enjoy them!
Make a long vertical sanding post from a door frame, or attach the Scratch n All sanding pads to a wide horizontal surface. One thing is certain: you ensure a sustainable enrichment of the living environment of your horse, dog, cat, hobby pig or other (domestic) animal.
The Scratch n All pads can be mounted flat on walls or corners individually or in clusters. The special design allows the pads to be folded at a 90 degree angle for mounting on corners.

Scratch n All sanding pads: enrichment from paddock to living room
The plastic from which the Scratch n All sanding pads are made is resistant to very high and very low temperatures. This makes the pads versatile for use all year round.
Although the Scratch n All sanding pads were originally designed for horses, all kinds of other large and small animals now also enjoy this safe way of sanding. The scouring pads can be used in stables, barns, kennels, zoos and at home to enrich the living environment of your (domestic) animal.
Horses, dogs, cats, cows, deer, camels, donkeys, goats, giraffes, pumas, mules, pigs, sheep, zebras, rabbits, elk and… people use the Scratch n All sanding pads to their complete satisfaction! Can your (pet) animal also be included in this list?

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