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Scratch Me Silly

Scratch Me Silly

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Product description

Scratch Me Silly

The ultimate tool for belly scratching! Perfect for large and small animals.

What is it exactly?
Like almost every brilliant invention, the Scratch Me Silly also shines in its simplicity. Do you also regularly bend under your horse to reach the ticklish spots? The Scratch Me Silly extends your own arm and adds a wonderful sanding pad. With a length of just over 81 centimeters, you can now remain upright while scratching your horse's belly (or back, or chest). This means you no longer accidentally get a hoof against your head while cuddling.

Scratch Me Silly has an ergonomic wave design and weighs only 500 grams. One end is larger, for larger animals, while the other is tailored for smaller animals.

Scratch Me Silly is not only the BEST Belly Scratcher on the market, but is also used by physically challenged individuals to connect with their animals. That makes Scratch me Silly fantastic for use in equine therapy sessions.

Scratch Me Silly can be used to lather the abdomen with shampoo or, covered with a soft cloth, to safely apply medication, ointment or lotion.

In case of colic and stress, Scratch me Silly can be a first aid to stimulate the intestines after the vet has been called. This makes the Scratch me Silly a real Must Have for every horse owner.

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