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Roughage analysis

Roughage analysis

Balanced nutrition is very important for optimal performance and health of your horse. The basis of the ration naturally consists of roughage. Research shows that no less than sixty percent of all health problems in horses are the result of inadequate nutrition. Let's make sure the basics are good!

This roughage analysis is especially for horses and provides accurate insight into energy supply, protein supply, sugar content, structure and vitamins and minerals in the roughage.

Three options
You can request the roughage analysis with minerals ( excellent ), without minerals ( basic ) or only a nutritional value ( mini ). You always receive exact values ​​from our renowned lab.

The mini analysis only provides a nutritional value of your sample.
The basic analysis provides exact values ​​of the basic nutrients such as sugar, protein and energy. In addition, your nutritional consultant can better estimate how well the roughage can be digested based on the structure value, digestion coefficient (VCOSp) and crude fiber content. This can be of great importance in horses prone to colic.
The excellent analysis also provides an overview of the most important minerals and trace elements. The example clearly shows that there is a lot of iron in the roughage, but very little copper and phosphorus. Normally the total ration should have a calcium:phosphorus ratio of 2:1, which means twice as much calcium as phosphorus. Due to the very low phosphorus content, this ratio is very skewed. Without correction with other roughage or supplements, this poses a risk of joint problems, among other things.

Quick and easy
Taking a feed sample is simple and can be done in no time. With the sampling package you will receive everything you need: clear instructions for taking the sample and a shipping box to easily send the sample. You will receive a clear analysis report with the composition of the roughage within ten working days of receiving the sample at the lab. This allows you to determine exactly how much you need to supplement the ration with concentrates or a supplement. Your nutritional consultant (from Pure Horse, for example) can tell you exactly which concentrate and/or supplement is suitable for this.

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