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Horse hotel

Horse hotel

We offer temporary stables for horses. For example, when you are on holiday in the area with your horse. But also while you are on holiday or temporarily do not have the time or space to care for your horse yourself. You have also come to the right place during the horse's rest or rehabilitation period.
We take complete care with all our love and offer a pleasant environment for your horse.

  • 2.5 hectares of horse garden
  • 750m Adventurous walking route with expected extension in 2024
  • 1000m2 Browsing paddock
  • 5000m2 Equihabitat
  • 10 Types of track bottom
  • 3 Grassland phases
  • High-quality roughage
  • Numerous crops and enrichment elements

The price is based on full board excluding concentrates per day.

You may bring concentrates, but if desired we can also order the concentrates that your horse is used to. We are also happy to discuss the reimbursement of specific care with you.

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