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Lickstone Wild Herbs 3 kg

Lickstone Wild Herbs 3 kg

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ee salt lick with bitter substances and tannins

The regular intake of bitter substances and tannins in animal feed is often greatly underestimated. Wild species instinctively ingest them to effectively support their intestinal flora (intestinal microbiome) and thus their immune system.

However, the bitter substances are also of particular importance for uninvited intestinal inhabitants, because they strengthen the body's own defense against parasites in the animal's intestine and can provide a temporary, worm-hostile intestinal environment. In addition, the tannins present support the protective layer in the intestines and also make it more difficult for toxic irritants to attach and penetrate.

Animals that are sensitive to metabolism also benefit from a balanced intestinal flora. Bitter substances keep digestion going and support liver function.

  • Electrolyte balance with high-quality natural sea salt
  • Supporting gut health
  • Metabolism and general wellness support
  • Intestinal strengthening for a worm-hostile intestinal environment
  • Nutritional balance with reduced supply of bitter and tannin

Sea salt, pumpkin seeds, walnut leaves, fern, southwood, dandelion root, wild garlic, coriander.

Analytical components and content
Sodium 38.0%, calcium 0.2%, magnesium 0.15%, phosphorus 0.15%

Can be used in organic production according to regulations (EC) No. 848/2018 and (EC) No. 889/2008.

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