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Hilton Herbs Senior Horse Gold

Hilton Herbs Senior Horse Gold

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Especially for the aging generation, both in animals and humans, herbs and complementary medicine can offer many solutions. We want to give our aging horses the best care to help them get through their old age as fit, healthy and mobile as possible. Our Senior Horse supplement helps support the heart, liver, kidneys, digestive system, respiratory system, immune system, lymphatic system and circulatory systems to help them function as effectively as possible.

Senior Horse Gold is a unique herbal supplement that is suitable for horses that are prone to laminitis. Senior Horse contains hawthorn to support a healthy functioning heart, meadowsweet, chamomile and celery seed to support digestion, joint health and mobility, milk thistle and burdock to support normal liver and kidney function by helping to function efficiently expel toxins and waste products from the blood. Senior Horse also contains ginkgo and rosemary to support healthy circulation, especially in the limbs.

Hilton Herbs Senior Horse Gold is a powerful herbal tincture that is easy to use. The liquid form ensures rapid absorption and is more economically interesting for larger horses or when several horses receive the same supplement at the same time.

Senior Horse can be combined well with Hilton Herbs' Cush

Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Meadowsweet, Hawthorn, Chamomile, Rosemary, Celery, Ginkgo, Burdock.

Recommended dosage:
Stick size:
Up to 128cm – 2 x 5 ml daily
128-148cm – 2 x 10 ml daily
148-158 cm – 2 x 12.5 ml daily
158-168 cm – 2 x 15 ml daily
168 cm and larger – 2 x 15 – 20 ml daily

Available in: 1 liter, 3 liter and 5 liter bottles. A 1 liter bottle is sufficient for a horse of 1.68m for approximately 33 days based on the recommended dosage of 30 ml per day.

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