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Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks Black 1 kg

Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks Black 1 kg

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These salt blocks, varying in color from dark purple to brown black, are produced by heating the pink Himalayan salt blocks at 760 degrees Celsius and then adding various Ayurvedic herbs, spices and Myrobalaan (Cherry Plum) seeds. This gives a sulphurous taste to the salt and gives it its dark color. These tasty, hard licks aid in balanced digestion, supporting healthy eyes and skin by providing a natural source of sodium chloride, iron, copper and magnesium.
Horses cannot simply break off pieces and the lick blocks dissolve much less quickly in a wet environment than traditional lick blocks.

A 550 million year old source of minerals and trace elements for your horse or pony. Mined from the Khewra Salt Mines at the foot of the Himalayas in Pakistan and transported by truck and train. These mines give the local mountain people one of their main sources of income.

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