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Hilton Herbs Herb Power 1kg

Hilton Herbs Herb Power 1kg

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HERB POWER for horses, ponies and donkeys contains all kinds of herbs that horses would choose in nature, but which are missing in our often one-sided pastures. HERB POWER is specially formulated from herbs with a high nutritional value for:
- horses of all ages:
- horses that are less able to graze in winter:
- horses that graze in an environment with little variation in herbs:
- young horses in growth.

HERB POWER is a dietary supplement composed of dried herbs. It contains herbs such as nettle, cleaver and kelp, which are known for their high levels of vitamins and minerals. In nature, horses and ponies graze all kinds of herbs in all seasons, for example cleavers in spring and hawthorn berries in autumn. Our domestic horses often have less access to a wide variety of plants. HERB POWER is the natural choice to help your horse get back to nature.

Ingredients: Marigold, nettle, cleaver, milk thistle, meadowsweet, rose hip, mint, dandelion, burdock root, kelp.

Recommended dosage:
Stick size:
Up to 128cm – 1 scoop daily
128-148cm – 2 scoops daily
148-158 cm – 3 scoops daily
158-168 cm – 4 scoops daily
168 cm and above – 4 – 5 scoops daily
Preferably spread the recommended dosage over two meals a day.

Available in: 1kg packaging.
In general, a 1 kg pack is sufficient for approximately 3-4 weeks, assuming a horse of approximately 1.60m. This may differ slightly per product.

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