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Equifence Permanent Cable

Equifence Permanent Cable

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  • Optimally conductive plastic cable with a 2.5 mm galvanized wire core
  • No oxidation due to plastic/carbon coating
  • Clearly visible due to a diameter of 7.5 mm
  • Available in terra for a natural look that fits perfectly into the landscape


  • Experience in setting up fences is necessary for the installation of the permanent cable.
  • Take into account purchase costs for necessary mounting materials and tensioners.
  • Despite all the advantages, this makes permanent cable for short distances less interesting in some cases.
Product information "EquiFence Permanent cable (terra, 250 meters)"
Fence wire for a permanent horse fence with excellent conductivity. The terra color makes this fence blend in with the surroundings for a natural look. The permanent cable is very safe and clearly visible due to the thick, smooth plastic cable. The chance of injury is minimal. Permanent cable (ø 7.5mm) is durable fencing wire, sheathed with current-conducting plastic, specially developed for safe horse fencing. Due to the carbon lines that run from the outside to the core, the wire offers very good conductivity. The permanent cable has a lifespan of up to 30 years.
The product warranty on permanent cable is 10 years.
  • Specifications:
  • Diameter mm: 7.5
  • Resistance ohm/meter: 0.035
  • Tensile strength kg: 500
  • Recommended grid length: less than 500m

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