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DIY - Fertilization advice

DIY - Fertilization advice

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A good soil is the basis for a healthy pasture. And a healthy pasture naturally has great benefits for your horse and nature.

Soil samples

You can of course take a soil sample yourself. Because with this sample package you will receive practical instructions. You will receive an advisory report based on the lab results by email as soon as possible. With the fertilization advice you know what you need to fertilize over the next 4 years to support the soil as best as possible.

To guarantee the quality of the lab results and advice, it is important to sample a maximum of 2 hectares per package. If you have more hectares or the management or soil type of plots is so different, we recommend ordering an extra sample package.

Soil analysis do-it-yourself package

  • Soil analysis package including:
    • Instructions so that you know how to take a soil sample yourself
    • Instructions so that you know how to complete the lab form
    • Return label to send the package to the lab
  • Fertilization advice for the next 4 years by email
    • Based on lab results
    • Within a few weeks after you send the sample to the lab.

This package is also part of the Create your dream location programme, so be sure to check out that combination deal!

It is of course a bit of a job to fill in all the forms and drill your samples with, for example, a post drill. We also recommend filling and re-sowing those boreholes immediately to keep the meadow safe and free of unwanted herbs. When we cut the samples, we make minimal holes in the soil and while cutting we also advise you about the quality of your current grassland and the way in which you use it. It can therefore be attractive to opt for the Pasture Assessment and Soil Analysis .

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