The process that ensures a nature-inclusive healthy environment for your horse

Yes, you have just received or have been caring for your own horse for a while. What a different world this is. There is a lot involved in meeting your horse's needs!

Creating your dream location takes time and expertise. Time that you may not have or cannot invest. We create your Equi Habitat, EquiCentre, Paddock Paradise, Nature-inclusive horse habitat from design to commissioning. This way you will be completely relieved and you can enjoy your dream location within 4 weeks.

  • You worry about sugars

    You have a horse that is sensitive to sugars. Due to its age, CPL, insulin dysregulation, laminitis, muscle finness, obesity or another cause that means you are busy with hours of sunshine, temperatures and fructan meters to determine whether the pasture is safe for your horse.

  • You want "something" with plants, but not weeds

    You want to add plants that contribute to a low-sugar and structure-rich diet for your horse.

    In the meantime, you naturally want to combat poisonous plants, but preferably prevent them.

    And then you also want to promote exercise and offer roughage in a healthy way.

  • You don't want your couple to stand still at a hay bar all day or be bored

    You want to turn your horse habitat into a challenging but safe environment with natural elements and brain work. So that your horse does not get bored and is stimulated to exercise.

Anyone with a passion for horses can create a dream location

A dream location that meets the horse's needs, promotes health and exercise and prevents boredom. You just need to know how! It is especially important that you get solutions that work for your location and herd, but especially for you. With our experience we have prepared all the puzzle pieces for you, so that you can put together your dream puzzle yourself.

  • "Step by step, I was able to do everything myself with the explanation, I didn't need expensive advisors"

  • "The veterinarian must ask for the address during the annual vaccination"

  • "The condition of my horses has improved greatly"

Do you also hear that voice in your head?

I don't have a money tree to create my dream location for my herd

But what if your dream location saved you money? Or what if you get money to create your dream location?

I'm on clay, so mud is insurmountable

Is that right? What if, based on the only river valley in the Netherlands and more than 25 years of keeping horses on clay, we show you what works?

The information online is so contradictory that I don't know what really works

That's right, annoying isn't it? What if we tell you that we have tried almost everything and therefore share with you experience and/or scientifically substantiated information?

I don't know whether the plot owner or municipality is allowed to do this

What if the plot owner could make money because you create your dream location? And what if the municipality approves your plan and perhaps even helps with development costs?

After this trajectory

  • Do you look with pride at a dream location for your herd, which you have created yourself?
  • Do n't worry when it rains, because your horse is not bothered by mud.
  • Don't worry about sugars in the grass , because your herd has low-sugar and structure-rich food available 24/7.
  • The health costs of your horse have fallen and you have time and money left over for new developments or that horse holiday you dream of.
  • Do you know how to recognize healthy and poisonous plants? Moreover, you know how to offer it to your horse and how to promote or prevent growth.
Sounds great, I'll sign up!
  • Online workshops

    Here you will receive all the puzzle pieces to put together your dream location

    1. Soil and soil life
    2. Make your own design
    3. Ground cover for paddock and tracks
    4. Customer-ready planting plans
    5. Construction plan for enrichment elements
    6. Maintenance planning
  • Online support

    This way you will receive feedback from me or a fellow specialist on the submitted assignments from the online workshops.

    Together we turn your plan into the dream project of you and your horses.

  • DIY - Soil analysis

    You will receive a soil analysis sent to your home after purchasing this program!

    Using the instructions, you can take your own soil sample. Send it to the lab in the supplied return box and receive specific fertilization advice from us. Then you know what you need to fertilize on your plot over the next 4 years to develop a healthy horse pasture.

  • Monthly Q&A

    Every month you have the opportunity to submit your questions. These will then be discussed during a live Q&A so that you can also learn from the questions and the process of other participants.