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The search for a solution for the lagging condition of our horse Ubbo D and the housing challenges of our horses brought us into contact with the principles of Paddock Paradise and Equi Habitat. In addition, after expanding the family, the desire arose to involve young children in the care of the animals in an adventurous, safe and educational way and to playfully become more interested in the outdoors than the tempting screens.

We were lucky and of course worked very hard to acquire the beautiful location at Hulder 10 in Vierlingsbeek in January 2021. The fun that the children quickly experienced there with (new) friends made us want to share our happiness. And that turned out to be very simple, by sharing knowledge via (social) media, by offering a home to a fellow villager's horse, by collecting organic waste from neighbors and making compost and horse manure available or by educating primary school pupils. to come and learn about our animals and crops in a playful way.

Janneke Langen

I am an enterprising mother of 3 children and owner of a wonderful herd (6 horses and ponies) and a fantastic location in North Brabant.

I enjoy working there with my husband Fabian and the children and I really enjoy this wonderful place that continues to develop. And not just us, because based on my passion for process optimization, I love continuing to analyze, test and develop improvement opportunities and share the results with others.
With my first company Pointwood Group BV I share my knowledge and experience in the field of logistics processes and Microsoft business software, through practical training and practically applicable advice with production and logistics organizations. And from our home location, I share our knowledge and experience with Fabian in an accessible, practical manner regarding the construction and maintenance of a nature-inclusive horse habitat. We have recently started doing this under the banner of our new company “Equihabitat Hulder 10”.

The years of search for a solution for the failing condition of our horse Ubbo D, and the housing challenges of keeping our horses on the wet clay soil, brought us into contact with the principles of Paddock Paradise and Equi Habitat. Over the years we have tried many different surfaces to combat mud and many ways to process manure. We also test many slow feeders, herb mixtures and enrichment in the paddock and pasture. We now bring together all the acquired knowledge and experience in our Equi Habitat at Hulder 10 in Vierlingsbeek (North Brabant).

"It's fun to keep learning, trying and developing and to share my knowledge and happiness with many. Knowledge is only valuable if you share it!"

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Fabian de Jager  - Equihabitat Hulder 10

Fabian de Jager

I am the proud father of Solana and Sayenna. During the day I often work on the forklift as an all-round warehouse employee in a fantastic team at Marel in Boxmeer.

After I met Janneke in the summer of 2022, I was inspired by the way she took care of the estate and the animals alone with her children. I saw how she, full of energy after a long day of work, put on overalls and clogs to care for the animals and committed herself to realizing her dream for her children. It was contagious and now I think and work on it with great pleasure. Together we make it an even better place for the whole family and all the animals.

“Together we will go further!”

My big favorite is our mini pig Lola. She grunts as she welcomes me every time I walk into the garden. When I divide the remains from the canteen of Marel and Restaurant De Vier Linden among the animals, Lola naturally has an advantage.

I think it's fantastic to make products for our animals and visitors using reused materials. It is a pleasant activity and also sustainable. If you also want to create and decorate your garden or animal enclosure on a small budget, take a look at the construction and enrichment methods workshop.

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Onze kinderen en inspiratie  - Equihabitat Hulder 10

The kids

The idea of ​​an adventure garden was created for and by this gang of criminals. Learning, discovering, moving in nature. Going on adventures in the garden again and again, that was what Janneke wanted for her children. Together with her children, she devised and tested what was needed to turn the garden into an adventure garden.

For example, a fairytale path was constructed, a fallen tree became a climbing frame, meadows were created to house sheltered animals and paths and a tree house were constructed in the shrubbery. More and more they were able to climb and clamber and go on adventures with friends. Making a design and selecting equipment for The Adventure Garden was also a real adventure for the children. They proudly take everyone on an adventure and open the gate after school so that other children can come and play.

"You'll never be bored at our house"

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