Knowledge base

Taking an online course is of course the ideal way to learn at your own pace and obtain information to optimize your horse habitat and management.
But a one-year subscription to the knowledge platform offers more!

As a member of the Knowledge Platform you get access to:

All online workshops:

  • Good soil and soil life as a basis
  • Steer with fertilizer
  • Pasture management for a good pasture
  • Desirable and unwanted plants
  • Importance of good fencing
  • Mud management
  • Construction and enrichment elements
  • Laws and regulations

A helpdesk and community where you can go with all your questions and learn from us, affiliated specialists and also from each other.

Bonus material that is regularly supplemented with new ones:

Ready-made planting plans and designs for inspiration.

Knowledge documents from various specialists.

  • A Q&A 4 times a year
  • A PH test for your pasture twice a year
  • Free participation in one of our inspiration days once a year
  • A do-it-yourself soil sample package once every 4 years. Based on the lab results, you will receive fertilization advice that will last you 4 years.
  • You can also opt for a discount on a consultation and taking a soil sample at your location.
  • Member discount on products in our shop.

And all that for just €1 per day!

The online learning environment is immediately available 24/7 on the internet and a free app.