New products thanks to great collaboration with partners!

Together you will go further!
We at Equihabitat Hulder 10 firmly believe in this. Like many of you, we have always looked for the best for our animals. But let's be honest, it also had to remain practical and affordable.
Many fine products have been tried in the past 25 years of horse keeping and cheap is expensive is often true, but certainly not always. The method of use also has a huge influence on the result. We have gained experience in practice and can therefore indicate for many products better and better in which situations it does and when it does not help you.
We think it's great that we can now offer various products from our partners. We often provided them with feedback on products and they gave advice or a product was even slightly adjusted. They are no longer suppliers, they are real partners. By using each other's products and services and recommending them to third parties based on experience, we help each other and together we help even more customers and their animals.
We can now offer even more products from partners. And even products that we have not (yet) used, we will of course test them and present them to you with our experiences. Follow us on social media for these product reviews!
Do you also have great enrichment products, care products or services that you would like to let us know about? What do you think should be tested and sold at Equihabitat Hulder 10? Please send us a message via the contact page or chat on the site. We are always looking for the best for our horses and partnerships with which we can help many people.
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We thank our (new) partners for the trust they have placed in us:
  • Gallagher
  • Hilton Herbs
  • Verm-x
  • Equi Green
  • cdVet
  • Unique Horn Hoofcare
  • Rarely rest Haystack
  • Scratch n All

We can supply almost all products from these partners, so if something is missing in our shop, please send us a message!

  • EquiGreen
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