Started training to become a Horse Pasture Advisor

❤️🍀Horse pasture advisor🍀❤️

First let me introduce myself 🤭

❤️As most of you already know, I am an enterprising mother of 3 children and owner of a wonderful herd (including horses, ponies, pigs and sheep) and a fantastic location in North Brabant.

🤝🏼Together with my husband Fabian and the children, I enjoy working in our lovely place and I really enjoy that our nature-inclusive garden full of animals continues to develop. The kids learn, move and admire nature every day in a relaxed and enthusiastic way. That is unique and extremely valuable in this day and age.

🍀And not only that!

⚙️Because from my passion for process optimizations, I love to continue analyzing, testing and developing improvement opportunities and sharing the results with others. That passion was strongly stimulated during my education at HAS and has developed more and more and in a very broad way over the years.

👩🏼‍🏫 With my first company Pointwood Group BV I share my knowledge and experience in the field of logistics processes and Microsoft business software. I do this through practical training and advice for production and logistics organizations.

👩🏼‍🌾 And from our home location, I share our knowledge and experience with Fabian in an accessible, practical way regarding the construction and maintenance of a nature-inclusive horse habitat. We have recently started doing this under the banner of our new company “Equihabitat Hulder 10”.

🐴 The years-long search for a solution for the lagging condition of our horse Ubbo D, and the housing challenges of keeping our horses on the wet clay soil, brought us into contact with the principles of Paddock Paradise and Equi Habitat. We did not have the space or resources to convert an entire site with cranes and shovels and then create a Paddock Paradise like something out of a brochure. We had to make do with what was available or already available by nature. And that makes you creative, I can tell you. In retrospect, that was extremely fortunate, because it gave us a lot of knowledge and experience.

🧩 Over the years we have tried many different surfaces to combat mud and many ways to store and process manure. We also test many slow feeders, herb mixtures and enrichment in the paddock and pasture. It was often quite a puzzle.

We now bring together all the acquired knowledge and experience in our Equi Habitat at Hulder 10 in Vierlingsbeek (North Brabant).
And no, still not suddenly using large machines to sketch an ideal image (for others). But precisely by staying close to nature, showing the real story. And especially by learning from nature, working with it and showing that a nature-inclusive living environment for people and animals can be achieved by everyone (with any plot size or budget).

👩‍👦To inspire and inform young and old, we have transformed part of our plot into an Adventure Garden. It is usually freely accessible four days a week (Thursday to Sunday). In The Adventure Garden, the walking path takes you past habitats of our own and wild animals, over natural playground equipment and through a picking garden with flowers and fruits. We provide workshops to fund development and maintenance and thus restore and preserve nature with and for our children and animals, but also for nature and our visitors.

It's fun to keep learning, trying and developing and sharing my knowledge and happiness with many. “Knowledge is only valuable if you share it”!

⭐️ When Harmke announced that she would stop her Horse&Habitat. And so, with a unique range of services and products in our sector, I immediately took up the position. After all, her knowledge and experience are too valuable for the sector to be lost.
We both believe in healthy soil as a basis for mud management, herb-rich grassland and healthy roughage.

👩🏼‍🌾 I can proudly say that I am one of the successors. As a future Horse Pasture Advisor, I started the training this weekend. A feast of recognition and deepening. So proud that we have received Harmke's trust as his successor. So much so that she agreed to let us use her online courses as inspiration for extra depth in our workshops. You can now contact us for:
🍀 Taking soil samples.
🍀 Customized soil improvement and pasture management advice.
🍀 Design and optimize nature-inclusive habitat for you and your animals.
🍀 Workshops for all facets of a nature-inclusive (horse) habitat and the making of enrichment elements by young and old (including birdhouses, bee hotels, willow braiding).
🍀 Online learning environment in which a single workshop or our complete reference work of knowledge and experience is made available as desired. (Videos, instructions and knowledge documents).
🍀 Webshop with supplies for animals and yards.
🍀 Break or overnight stay for participants of the equestrian and driving network that we have established together with the Municipality of Land van Cuijk and Visit Brabant in and around the beautiful Maasheggen landscape.

Be welcome at Hulder 10 in Vierlingsbeek
“You can share happiness”

With kind regards,
Janneke Langen
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