The Heron

The heron often visits our Equihabitat. He always finds a tasty meal in the Molenbeek.

What does a Heron look like?

The heron has feathers and is a species of bird. It has rowing legs with webbed toes. It also has a bright yellow or orange beak. And two legs with four toes.

The heron eats fish 14 to 16 cm long such as roach, trout, bream, perch, eel, pike, tench and carp. Sometimes it also eats snails, frogs, moles, and young birds.

Living environment
The heron lives throughout Europe and in humid areas. Sometimes it occurs in gardens, which of course does not make people with a beautiful pond very happy. You usually see him looking for fish early in the morning.

A heron usually gets 3-5 eggs. An egg is 60x43 mm in size. They incubate for 28 days. The young remain in the nest for 50 days. The adult heron weighs 2 kilos. There are approximately 10,00 occupied nests in the Netherlands. The herons use the same nest as last year.

Have you seen this super fisherman yet?

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