The Hedgehog

The hedgehog, who doesn't know him!? It is a small mammal that is easily recognized by the sharp spines on its back. Cool but also a bit mysterious. He doesn't show himself that easily, but he hears all the more! There is so much to tell about this special animal.

Nocturnal animal
When you are awake, the hedgehog is sleeping. They do this in a sheltered place. At night they wake up to look for food. That search is very difficult in the dark. A hedgehog does not see clearly and is also color blind. You won't have much use for eyes then. Hedgehogs can therefore smell very well. They smell prey while it is 3 centimeters underground!

Junk jar
Hedgehogs love natural 'junk'. They forage through low plants and shrubs. Tossing through leaves and bunches of branches in search of food or shelter. Hedgehogs in the Netherlands are increasingly finding it difficult to find messy places. People build roads, fences and lay too many paving stones in the garden. The natural mess disappears and so does the hedgehog. In our Equihabitat we therefore leave fallen leaves and twigs behind and a wooden wall has been constructed so that the hedgehog can come and live here.

The hedgehog eats many different creatures, as long as they are crawly and slimy. Beetles, caterpillars, worms and snails are all on the menu. Did you know that a hedgehog can eat up to 40 snails per night! He then eats this, house and all. Very useful for the (vegetable) garden!

Do you hear rustling and snorting in your garden at night? There's a good chance you have a hedgehog visiting! Hedgehogs make a lot of noise, especially when searching for food. For example, they sniff tree trunks, turn over leaves and smack loudly when chewing food.

The hedgehog's spines are actually very thick, hard hairs. Those spines are very useful. When in danger, a hedgehog rolls up into a spiky ball. Predators hurt themselves on the sharp spines. And Ouch! then stop their attack.

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