Nettle is a herb rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, proteins and dietary fiber. So it is really a valuable addition to your horse's diet. Nettle is also used as a medicinal herb:

  • It cleanses intestines and blood
  • Supports good digestion
  • Increases resistance
  • Supports the blood circulation
  • Helps with waste disposal.

You can simply leave nettle in your meadow and let it grow. Every now and then cut the nettle just above the ground with a hedge trimmer. To be safe, you can wear gloves so they don't sting you. Just leave the cut nettles where they are. After a while the injection wears off. If they really need it, our horses will eat the nettle after a few minutes. Otherwise, they will simply ignore it and eat it later. And if they don't eat it, that's fine too, the horses know exactly whether they need it or not.

How much and for how long?

You can add Nettle fresh or dried to your horses' ration every day or let your horse eat it itself, after all, a horse is a gatherer. The gathering of food by horses themselves is also called "browsing".

If the horse does not eat it, then it apparently needs the nutrients from the nettle or does not like it. This applies to all herbs that you want to give yourself.

Did you know?

  • Nettle leaves sting but not the stem?
  • So you can simply grab the stem to pick them?
  • The stinging hairs of the leaves are directed downwards, so you do not get stung when you touch the top of the leaves?
  • That you don't get itchy on the inside of your hand when you touch the Nettle, but you do on the rest of your body?
  • That plantain is a plant that helps against the itch of a nettle by rubbing it over it?
  • That besides soup, tea can also be made from nettle leaves? Only the leaves go into tea or soup: the stem has no taste.
  • The dead nettle resembles nettle and often grows in the same place, but does not sting and does have flowers.
  • Do horses sometimes even eat the tops of the nettles if they still sting?

Feel free to pick some Nettle if you dare for yourself or for the horses and enjoy!

  • Will you leave some left, so that the insects, our animals and other visitors can still enjoy it?
  • Take a cool photo while you are using Nettle De Avonturentuin and share it on social media.
  • And mark the herb board at the herb buffet, so everyone will know that you have picked healthy leaves for the horses.

This way you can share your happiness!

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